$IDZ will be an FA2 token with an absolute stockpile of 10.000.000 tokens. It will have a lot of cool, valuable, and ideally productive utilities! There will be a public deal directed on and in a joint effort with Rocket Launchpad 🤩🚀 There is likewise an airdrop coming for initial adopters 🤗

Now let’s discuss some ideal parameters of the $IDZ token:

$IDZ tokenomics

For $IDZ token to catch genuine worth, it should have Utility 🛠️

Income sharing

After the public symbolic deal, there will be an income-sharing model where HOLDers of IDZ, QS/LP tokens, and official cultivating members will acquire a piece of the TezID pay (from evidence enrollment charges)! They are getting half of all payments to be disseminated thusly, and expecting to increment over the long haul. This will ultimately be a DAO-controlled boundary.

Benefits of Income Sharing

  • It is to be trusted that this will give a solid motivation to hold, stake, and homestead $IDZ. In any case, considerably more significantly for our local area to assist with spreading the use of TezID to increasingly more dapps and stages on Tezos ✨
  • Locked tokens won’t be qualified to take part in pay sharing. This means originators, guides and private deal members won’t get a portion of this pay until their tokens are opened!
  • The subtleties around this model are not 100% resolved at this point, yet Tezos will code it up soon! More on this in a matter of seconds 🙌

Need more clarity?

$IDZ token will provide you with:

  1. Verification installment
  2. Custom prooftypes
  3. Decentralized verifications
  4. $IDAO casting a ballot

Public deal

The public deal will happen on 12 September 2021 14:00 UTC on Rocket Launchpad 😬🚀

The public deal has at least 50 XTZ and no most extreme. It’s the early bird gets the worm dependent on Rockets Tier framework 💪 Tokens will be fluid following deal closes! There will be an AMM contract set up for QuipuSwap and 40% of the public symbolic deal pay will be secured in that agreement utilizing a Crunchy Deep Freezer. All dealt with by Rocket 👌

Public deal breakdown

Assuming you need a fantastic view and first get at the $IDZ tokens, make certain to get some $RCKT to stake before the snapshot 04.09.2021 10:00 UTC to be qualified for a higher level.


  • Notwithstanding the private and public deal, Tezos are doing an airdrop to all our initial adopters who have enrolled confirmations with us 🥰🤗
  • Any individual who has enrolled a proof before 12.09.2021 14:00 UTC will be eligible for the airdrop 😬 there is still time!!
  • Any individual who has enrolled a proof before this declaration will get extra weight in the conveyance 😉🤗


  • It is to be trusted that you are pretty much as energized as us about $IDZ 😬 And they trust you think our tokenomics and circulation bode well 🙌
  • They guarantee to endeavor to gather worth to the $IDZ token and expectation and can furnish you with a productive venture!
  • In case you are thinking about what we will utilize the assets raised for, look at our guide.
  • Join the public deal on 12.09.2021 14:00 UTC 😬 ✨

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